Village Ukulele People (Image © Gazda Studios) meets every Wednesday from 2-4pm in the Community Room, Church of the Nazarene, 55 Rojo Drive, Sedona, AZ 86351. . .exception is 2nd Wednesday of each month, when we play a benefit concert in the community, at different locations

Village Ukulele People - Song Charts

Village Ukulele People meets weekly ($1) each Wednesday ** from 2:00-4:00 pm
in the Community Room, Church of the Nazarene, 55 Rojo Drive, Sedona, AZ 86351
** The 2nd Wednesday of each month, we play a benefit concert in the community (rather than meet in the Community Room)


We love to play a wide variety of songs from contemporary to standards and always welcome something new.
If you have a song that's not listed, please bring at least 12 - 20 photocopies to share and we'll add it to our repertoire.

SONG LIST :  (not including Holiday/Seasonal songs)

A BUSHEL AND A PECK:   A-Bushel-And-A-Peck.pdf

AFTER THE GOLD RUSH (Neil Young):   After The Gold Rush--Neil Young--REVISED-July-27-2019.pdf

ALL I DO IS DREAM OF YOU (Michael Bublé):   All-I-Do-Is-Dream-Of-You--REVISED-Nov-29-2019.pdf

ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM (Everly Brothers):   All-I-Have-To-Do-Is-Dream--EverlyBrothers-REVISED-Feb-8-2020.pdf

AMIE (Pure Prairie League):   Amie--Pure Prairie League--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT (Elvis):   Are You Lonesome Tonight--REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

BANANA BOAT SONG (Day-O):   Banana Boat Song--Day-O-REVISED-Feb-16-2019.pdf

BARBARA ANN (Beach Boys):   Barbara Ann--REVISED-Feb-8-2019.pdf

BE MY BABY (The Ronettes):   Be My Baby--The Ronettes--REVISED-Nov-14-2019.pdf

BLAME IT ON THE UKULELE (Edie Gormé, parody) :   Blame It On The Ukulele--Edie Gorme Parody--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (Bob Dylan) - Key of G:   Blowin In The Wind-Bob Dylan--Key of G.pdf

BLUE BAYOU (Roy Orbison):   Blue Bayou--Key A--REVISED-June-5-2019.pdf

BLUE MOON (Rodgers & Hart):   Blue Moon--REVISED-Feb-25-2018.pdf

BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY (Bill Monroe):   Blue Moon Of Kentucky-Bill Monroe--REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

BRING ME SUNSHINE (Jive Aces):   Bring Me Sunshine--Jive Aces--REVISED-Feb-16-2019.pdf

BROWN-EYED GIRL (Van Morrison):   Brown-Eyed-Girl--Van-Morrison--REVISED-Jan-24-2020.pdf

BYE BYE LOVE (Everly Brothers):   Bye Bye Love--Everly Brothers--REVISED-Feb-16-2019.pdf

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' (Mamas and Papas)  (Key of G):   California Dreaming--Mamas-Papas.pdf

CITY OF NEW ORLEANS (Steve Goodman-Arlo Guthrie):   City-Of-New-Orleans--REVISED-Feb-28-2020.pdf

COME GO WITH ME (Del Vikings):   Come Go With Me--Del Vikings--REVISED-Dec-6-2019.pdf

COTTON FIELDS (Leadbelly):   Cotton Fields-Leadbelly---REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

COTTON JENNY (Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot):   Cotton Jenny--REVISED-April-17-2019.pdf

CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE (Queen):   Crazy Little Thing Called Love--REVISED-July-19-2019.pdf

CRYING IN THE RAIN (Everly Brothers):   Crying In The Rain--Everly Brothers--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

DANCE TONIGHT (Paul McCartney):   Dance Tonight--REVISED-June-8-2019.pdf

DEEP ELLUM BLUES (Traditional) - REVISED:   Deep Ellum Blues--REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

DON'T FENCE ME IN (Cole Porter):   Don't Fence Me In-Cole Porter--REVISED-Dec-16-2017.pdf

DON'T LET THE RAIN COME DOWN (Serendipity Singers) :   Don't Let The Rain Come Down--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY (Bobby McFerrin):   Don't Worry Be Happy--REVISED-April-28-2019.pdf

DOO WAH DIDDY (Manfred Mann):   Doo Wah Diddy--Manfred Mann--REVISED-Aug-30-2019.pdf

DOWN ON THE CORNER (Creedance Clearwater Revival):   Down On The Corner--CCR--REVISED-Aug-3-2019.pdf

DOWNTOWN (Petula Clark):   Downtown--Petula Clark--REVISED-Dec9-2018.pdf

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (Beatles):   Eight Days A Week--Beatles--REVISED-Aug-3-2019.pdf

FATHER AND SON (Cat Stevens):   Father And Son--Cat Stevens.pdf

FIFTIES (50s) ROCK MEDLEY (Blue Suede Shoes ⁄ Hound Dog ⁄ All Shook Up ⁄ Roll Over Beethoven):   50s Rock Medley--REVISED-Feb-23-2019.pdf

FLOWERS ON THE WALL (Statler Brothers):   Flowers On The Wall--REVISED-April-29-2018.pdf

FLY ME TO THE MOON  (A minor)  (Frank Sinatra):   Fly Me To The Moon--REVISED-Feb-8-2019.pdf

FOLSOM PRISON BLUES (Johnny Cash):   Folsom Prison Blues--REVISED-Feb-23-2019.pdf

FOR HE'S (SHE'S) A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW (Traditional):   For-He's-A-Jolly-Good-Fellow.pdf

FROM ME TO YOU (Beatles):   From Me To You--Beatles.pdf

FUN, FUN, FUN (Beach Boys):   Fun Fun Fun--Beach Boys--REVISED-Aug-30-2019.pdf

GARDEN SONG (Peter Paul Mary, John Denver, Arlo Guthrie):   Garden Song--Dave Mallett--REVISED-April-28-2019.pdf

GIVE YOURSELF TO LOVE (Kate Wolf):   GiveYourselfToLove--KateWolf.pdf

HAPPY BIRTHDAY:   HappyBirthday-Key of C.pdf

HAPPY TRAILS (Roy Rogers/Dale Evans):   Happy Trails-Roy Rogers Dale Evans--REVISED-Feb-8-2019.pdf

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN? (Creedance Clearwater):   Have You Ever Seen The Rain-CCR--REVISED-Feb-22-2020.pdf

HELLO, MARY LOU (Ricky Nelson):   Hello Mary Lou--REVISED-Feb-16-2019.pdf

HEY, GOOD LOOKIN' (Hank Williams):   Hey Good Lookin-Hank Williams-REVISED-Oct-19-2019.pdf

HEY JUDE (Beatles) - Key of C:   HeyJude-KeyOfC.pdf

HEY JUDE (Beatles) - Key of G:   HeyJude-KeyOfG.pdf

HIT THE ROAD JACK (Ray Charles)   Hit The Road Jack--Ray Charles-REVISED-July 14-2017.pdf

HONKY TONK WOMEN (Rolling Stones)   Honky Tonk Women-Rolling Stones--REVISED-July 14-2017.pdf

HORSE WITH NO NAME (America):   HorseWithNoName--America--REVISED-Jan-17-2020.pdf

HOUND DOG (Elvis Presley):   Hound-Dog-Elvis--REVISED-Oct28-2016.pdf

I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING (In Perfect Harmony):   I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing--REVISED-Nov-29-2019.pdf

I'LL FLY AWAY (Key of A) (Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch):   I'll Fly Away--Key Of A-REVISED-July-19-2019.pdf

I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN (Beatles):   I'll-Follow-The-Sun--Beatles--REVISED-Nov-14-2019.pdf

I'M A BELIEVER (Neil Diamond):   I'm A Believer--REVISED-Nov-29-2019.pdf

I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD (Herman's Hermits, The Cookies):   I'm Into Something Good--REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

I'M WALKIN' (Fats Domino):   I'mWalking-FatsDomino--REVISED-Oct2-2016.pdf

I'M YOURS (Jason Mraz):   I'm Yours - Jason Mraz.pdf

I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE (Beatles):   I've Just Seen A Face--Beatles-REVISED-July-25-2018.pdf

I DON'T KNOW WHY I JUST DO (Marty Robbins):   I Don't Know Why I Just Do--Marty Robbins--REVISED-Nov-14-2019.pdf

I HAVE A DREAM (ABBA / Mamma Mia):   I-Have-A-Dream--ABBA.pdf

IN SPITE OF OURSELVES (John Prine):   In Spite Of Ourselves--John Prine.pdf

I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU (Dusty Springfield):   I Only Want To Be With You - Dusty Springfield--REVISED-Feb-19-2019.pdf

I WANNA BE LIKE YOU (The Monkey Song--Disney's Jungle Book):   I-Wanna-Be-Like-You--The Monkey Song - Disney Jungle Book.pdf

I WON'T BACK DOWN (Tom Petty):   I-Won't-Back-Down--TomPetty.pdf

IKO IKO (Cyndi Lauper / Dixie Cups):   Iko-Iko--REVISED-April-28-2019.pdf

IT'S PARTY TIME (Tommy Anderson):   It's Party Time-Tommy Anderson--REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

JAMAICA FAREWELL (Harry Belafonte):   Jamaica Farewell--REVISED-March-1-2019.pdf

JAMBALAYA (Hank Williams):   Jambalaya--REVISED-Feb-8-2019.pdf

KANSAS CITY (Fats Domino):   Kansas City--REVISED-Oct-19-2019.pdf

KARMA CHAMELEON (Culture Club):   Karma Chameleon--Culture Club.pdf

KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE - Key of G (REVISED):   Keep On The Sunny Side--Key Of G--REVISED--Dec 18-2016.pdf

KING OF THE ROAD (Roger Miller):   King Of The Road--Roger Miller--REVISED-Feb-22-2020.pdf

LET IT BE (Beatles):   Let It Be - Beatles.pdf

LET IT BE ME (Everly Brothers):   Let It Be Me--Everly Brothers--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

LET'S WORK TOGETHER (Canned Heat):   Let's Work Together--Canned Heat--REVISED-Sept-28-2019.pdf

LIGHT ONE CANDLE (Peter, Paul & Mary):   Light One Candle--Peter Paul Mary--REVISED-Dec-14-2019.pdf

LION SLEEPS TONIGHT (Wimoweh):   Lion Sleeps Tonight--REVISED-Feb-16-2019.pdf

LOCOMOTION (Carole King):   Locomotion--REVISED--Jan-17-2019.pdf

LODI (Creedence Clearwater Revival):   Lodi--Creedence--REVISED-April-17-2019.pdf

LONESOME VALLEY (Woody Guthrie):   Lonesome Valley--REVISED-Feb-23-2019.pdf

LONG MAY YOU RUN (Neil Young):   Long May You Run--REVISED-July-3-2019.pdf

LOOK WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO MY SONG, MA (Melanie):   Look What They've Done To My Song Ma-Melanie--REVISED.pdf

LOOKING OUT MY BACK DOOR (Creedence Clearwater Revival):   LookingOutMyBackDoor--CreedenceClearwaterRevival.pdf

LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE (The Clovers):   Love Potion Number 9--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS (The Beatles):   Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds--Beatles.pdf

MARGARITAVILLE (Jimmy Buffett):   Margaritaville-JimmyBuffett.pdf

ME AND BOBBY McGEE (Kris Kristofferson):   Me And Bobby McGee--REVISED-Aug 26-2017.pdf

MERCEDES BENZ (Janis Joplin) - Key of C:   Mercedes Benz-Key of C.pdf

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (Leadbelly, Creedence Clearwater):   Midnight Special--REVISED-July-3-2019.pdf

MISTER SPACEMAN (The Byrds):   Mister Spaceman--Byrds--REVISED-Nov-14-2019.pdf

MISTER TAMBOURINE MAN (Bob Dylan, The Byrds):   Mister Tambourine Man--Bob Dylan-The Byrds.pdf

MONKEY AND THE ENGINEER (Grateful Dead):   Monkey And The Engineer--REVISED-Feb-8-2019.pdf     LISTEN to: Monkey and the Engineer

MONSTER MASH (Bobby Pickett) (2 Pages):   Monster Mash-2-Pages.pdf

MOONSHADOW (Cat Stevens):   Moonshadow--CatStevens.pdf

NEVER ENDING SONG OF LOVE (Delaney & Bonnie):   Never Ending Song Of Love--Delaney-Bonnie--REVISED-June-8-2018.pdf

(NOW AND THEN THERE'S) A FOOL SUCH AS I (Elvis Presley):   Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I--REVISED-March-1-2019.pdf

NOWHERE MAN (Beatles):   Nowhere Man--Beatles-KEY-D.pdf

OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA (Beatles):   Ob-La-Di--Ob-La-Da--REVISED--July-3-2019.pdf

OH, LONESOME ME (Don Gibson):   Oh Lonesome Me-Don Gibson--REVISED-July 14-2017.pdf

ON THE ROAD AGAIN (Willie Nelson):   On The Road Again--Willie Nelson--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART (Neil Young):   Only Love Can Break Your Heart-NeilYoung.pdf

PLEASE DON'T TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I'M GONE:   Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone--REVISED-Jan-24-2020.pdf

PUFF, THE MAGIC DRAGON (Peter, Paul & Mary):   Puff The Magic Dragon--Peter Paul Mary--REVISED-May 20-2017.pdf

PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART (Jackie DeShannon):   Put A Little Love In Your Heart--REVISED-Dec-14-2019.pdf

PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME HONEY:   Put Your Arms Around Me Honey--REVISED-July-19-2019.pdf

RAINDROPS KEEP FALLIN' ON MY HEAD (B.J. Thomas):   Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head--REVISED-March-8-2019.pdf

RAWHIDE :   Rawhide.pdf

REDTAIL HAWK (Kate Wolf):   Redtail Hawk-Kate Wolf.pdf

RHYTHM OF THE RAIN (The Cascades):   Rhythm Of The Rain--REVISED-June-2-2019.pdf

RING OF FIRE (Johnny Cash):   Ring Of Fire--REVISED-March-6-2019.pdf

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Bill Haley & Comets):   Rock Around The Clock--REVISED-Feb-1-2020.pdf

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH (John Denver):   Rocky Mountain High--John Denver--REVISED-Dec 9-2018.pdf

ROLLIN' IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARMS (Traditional):   Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms--REVISED-March-1-2019.pdf

RUBY TUESDAY (Rolling Stones):   Ruby Tuesday--Rolling Stones--REVISED-June-16-2019.pdf

RUNAWAY (Del Shannon):   Runaway--REVISED-March-22-2019.pdf

SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME:   Save The Last Dance For Me--REVISED-Dec-6-2019.pdf

SEA CRUISE (Frankie Ford):   Sea Cruise--REVISED-July-19-2019.pdf

SEA OF LOVE (The Honeydrippers):   Sea Of Love--The Honeydrippers--REVISED-Feb-1-2020.pdf

SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY (Doris Day, Ringo Starr):   Sentimental Journey--Doris Day.pdf

SILVER THREADS AND GOLDEN NEEDLES (Linda Ronstadt):   Silver Threads And Golden Needles--REVISED-April-28-2019.pdf

SING (Sing a Song)  (The Carpenters):   Sing--Carpenters.pdf

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (Gene Kelly):   Singin' In The Rain--REVISED-Nov-29-2019.pdf

SING ME BACK HOME (Merle Haggard):   Sing Me Back Home--Merle Haggard.pdf

SIXTEEN TONS (Merle Travis, Tennessee Ernie Ford):   Sixteen Tons--Tennessee Ernie Ford-REVISED-July-28-2018.pdf

SLOOP JOHN B (Beach Boys):   Sloop John B--Beach Boys-REVISED-May-12-2017.pdf

SOMETHIN' ABOUT AN UKULELE (Casey Dugan):  Something About An Ukulele--REVISED-May-14-2018.pdf

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW / WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (IZ):  SomewhereOverTheRainbow-WhatAWonderfulWorld-NEW--March-9-2018.pdf

STAND BY ME (Ben E. King):   Stand By Me--REVISED-Feb-22-2020.pdf

STAY (Maurice & the Zodiacs):   STAY--Maurice-and-the-Zodiacs.pdf

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU (Stealers Wheel):   Stuck In The Middle With You--REVISED-Feb-22-2020.pdf

SUGARTIME (McGuire Sisters):   Sugartime-REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

SUZIE Q (Creedence Clearwater Revival):   Suzie-Q--CreedenceClearwater.pdf

SWAY (Dean Martin, Michael Bublé, Pussycat Dolls):   Sway--DeanMartin.pdf

TAKE IT EASY (The Eagles):   Take It Easy--Eagles-REVISED-June-8-2019.pdf

TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS (John Denver):   Take Me Home Country Roads-John Denver-REVISED-Feb-8-2019.pdf

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME:   Take Me Out To The Ball Game--REVISED-Aug2-2018.pdf

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN (Crosby Stills Nash & Young):   Teach Your Children--Crosby Stills Nash--Revised-June-19-2019.pdf

TEENAGER IN LOVE (Dion & The Belmonts):   Teenager In Love--Dion And Belmonts--REVISED-June-19-2019.pdf

THAT'LL BE THE DAY (Buddy Holly):   That'll Be The Day--Buddy Holly.pdf

THAT'S ALL RIGHT, MAMA (Elvis Presley):   That's All Right Mama - Elvis.pdf

THAT'S AMORE (Dean Martin):   That'sAmore--REVISED-Jan-17-2020.pdf

THE GLORY OF LOVE (Billy Hill):   The Glory Of Love--REVISED-Aug-7-2019.pdf

THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' (Bob Dylan):   The Times They Are A-Changin--Bob Dylan--REVISED-March-1-2018.pdf

THERE'S A KIND OF HUSH (Herman's Hermits):   There's A Kind Of Hush--Herman's Hermits.pdf

THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN' (Nancy Sinatra):   These Boots Are Made For Walkin'--Nancy Sinatra.pdf

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND (Woody Guthrie):   This-Land-Is-Your-Land--REVISED-Jan-17-2020.pdf

THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE (Key of C):   This Little Light Of Mine--REVISED-Feb-23-2019.pdf

THIS TRAIN (Traditional):   This Train--REVISED-Jan-23-2019.pdf

THREE LITTLE BIRDS (Every Little Thing's Gonna Be All Right - Bob Marley):   Three Little Birds-Bob Marley--REVISED-Jan-9-2019.pdf

TINY BUBBLES (Don Ho):   Tiny Bubbles--REVISED--Jan-17-2019.pdf

TURN TURN TURN (The Byrds):   Turn Turn Turn--REVISED-Oct-9-2018.pdf

UNDER THE BOARDWALK (The Drifters):   Under The Boardwalk-REVISED-Feb-8-2019.pdf

UP ON THE ROOF (The Drifters):   Up-On-The-Roof--REVISED-April-28-2019.pdf

WAGON WHEEL (Old Crow Medicine Show):   Wagon Wheel--Old Crow Medicine Show--REVISED-Aug-7-2019.pdf

WALK RIGHT BACK (Everly Brothers):   WalkRightBack--EverlyBrothers-REVISED-June-19-2019.pdf

WALK RIGHT IN (Rooftop Singers):   Walk Right In.pdf

WALKIN' AFTER MIDNIGHT (Patsy Cline):   Walkin After Midnight.pdf

WATCHING THE RIVER RUN (Loggins & Messina):   Watching The River Run--REVISED-Nov-22-2019.pdf

WEAVE ME THE SUNSHINE (Peter, Paul & Mary):   Weave Me The Sunshine.pdf

WE'RE GOING TO BE FRIENDS (White Stripes):   We're Going To Be Friends.pdf

WHAT A DAY FOR A DAYDREAM (Lovin' Spoonful):   What A Day For A Daydream--Lovin Spoonful-REVISED-March-24-2019.pdf

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (Sam Cooke):   What A Wonderful World--Sam Cooke--REVISED-Jan-17-2020.pdf

WHAT'S UP? - 2 Pages (Linda Perry):   Whats Up-Linda Perry-4NonBlondes--2Pgs.pdf

WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR (Beatles) :   When I'm Sixty-Four--Beatles--REVISED-Jan-17-2019.pdf

WHEN MY BLUE MOON TURNS TO GOLD AGAIN:   When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again--REVISED-Dec-6-2019.pdf

WHEN WILL I BE LOVED? (Linda Ronstadt) :   When Will I Be Loved--REVISED-Dec-13-2018.pdf

WHEN YOU'RE SMILING :   When You're Smiling-REVISED-Aug-7-2019.pdf

WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? (Peter Paul and Mary):   Where Have All The Flowers Gone--PPandM.pdf

WHO PUT THE BOMP? (Barry Mann):   WhoPutTheBomp--BarryMann--REVISED-Feb-27-2020.pdf

WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN? (Creedence Clearwater Revival):   Who'll Stop The Rain--REVISED-Feb-23-2019.pdf

WILL YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW? (Carole King):   Will You Love Me Tomorrow--Carole King--REVISED-Oct-19-2019.pdf

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (Beatles):   With A Little Help From My Friends--Beatles--REVISED-July-19-2019.pdf

YOU AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE (Bob Dylan, The Byrds) REVISED:   You Ain't Goin Nowhere--Byrds-Dylan--REVISED-July-27-2019.pdf

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE:   YouAreMySunshine.pdf

YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU (I Didn't Want To Do It):   You Made Me Love You--REVISED-Oct-19-2019.pdf

YOU'RE JUST IN LOVE (Irving Berlin):   You're Just In Love--Irving Berlin--REVISED-June-26-2019.pdf

YOUR MAMA DON'T DANCE (Loggins & Messina):   Your Mama Don't Dance-Loggins-Messina--REVISED-July-27-2019.pdf